It's Fall, Y'All! (well, ALMOST!!)

Here we are, on the last leg of Summer 2021, a season filled with BBQs lazy poolside days, shorts and tank tops (LOTS of rain!) and people watching by the shore!  For some people, the end of summer is a blessing - no more unbearable heat, no more sandals and constant need for a pedicure and shaven legs.  Bring on the scarves, rain, fireplaces and that wonderful smell of FALL! But for those who are counting and savoring the remaining days of summer, make sure you squeeze in every bit of warm weather fun that you can! Now we can look forward to Back to School Commercials, Labor
Day Party Planning, bathing suits/summer clothes on clearance and Fall TV shows returning!  And yes, shorter days! Whether you love the heat
of summer or prefer the coolness of Fall, enjoy what’s left of this season, my friends!

Meetings resume after Summer break:

SAL Meeting - September 1 @ 6:00p

Legion Meeting - September 12 @ 11:00a

Auxiliary Meeting - September 18 @ 10:00a

Happy Birthday wishes to all of our members born in the month of August & September!


09/02/1945 - V-J Day:  Japan signs formal surrender

09/03/1777 - American Flag flown in battle for first time

09/08/1892 - Pledge of Allegiance Adopted

09/11/2001 - 9/11 (a.k.a. Patriot Day)

09/18/1947 - Air Force Birthday

09/20            - POW/MIA National Recognition Day